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Customer Rates Will Not Increase For Third Year In A Row
At the November 4, 2015 Board meeting, the Norris Public Power District Board of Directors approved the 2016 Operating Budget, Capital Improvements and Business Plan.
For the third year in a row, Norris Public Power District will not have an overall customer rate increase.  The District will not increase customer rates overall for 2016 and did not increase customer rates for the calendar years of 2015 and 2014.
The District will make minor changes to certain customer rate schedules in 2016.  However, collections due to the minor customer rate adjustments net out to zero and therefore will not increase the overall collections from customers in 2016.


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Norris Public Power District Board of Directors Approve Wholesale Power Contracts with Nebraska Public Power District

Bruce Vitosh--General Manager and CEO

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 Over the past 36 months, Norris Public Power District has completed a review and negotiation process with several other large rural electric systems, municipalities and the Nebraska Electric Generation & Transmission organization regarding a new 20-year Wholesale Power Contract for future power and energy requirements with Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD).  Over this time period, the District has separately performed its due diligence to explore and consider alternative wholesale power providers and participated in numerous wholesale meeting discussions, workshops and other events to determine the optimal wholesale power provider for the District.  After considering other possible wholesale providers, the District has determined that it remains in its best interests to continue utilizing NPPD for its power supply. 

 At the monthly board meeting on December 7, 2015, the Norris Board of Directors approved the Wholesale Power Contract offered by NPPD, which went into effect on January 1, 2016.  The Norris Board of Directors also approved a separate Wholesale Power Contract with NPPD that includes provisions for providing power to Monolith Materials, a carbon black manufacturing company that plans to construct a facility near NPPD’s Sheldon Station near Hallam.  Monolith officials have stated that one of the major reasons for locating in Nebraska is due to low-cost electricity and the good mix of power generation facilities that NPPD has available.  

 “Since purchased power costs are more than 70% of the District’s costs, the choice of power suppliers is one of the most important decisions the Directors may ever make while being on the Board.  The District has been very thorough in analyzing our power supply options and the Board believes that provisions included in this contract with NPPD allows for flexibility and more renewable energy options.  Ultimately, we want what is best for our customers and believe that continuing our relationship with NPPD meets that expectation,” said Rod Heinrichs, Norris Board President.

 In the February 1988 edition of the Norris Electric News, Norris Director Herman Freese of Plymouth stated “I would like to say that when the year 2016 comes around that both management of NPPD and Norris and their Directors could look back and say that these gentlemen signed a fine contract back in 1987.  I would hope that we continue to work together and that the electrical industry can always look favorably upon us for what we have done.”  Mr. Freese made these comments when Norris approved a Wholesale Power Contract with NPPD in November 1987, which preceded the Wholesale Power Contract that the District has been utilizing over the last 14 years.  Mr. Freese and the other Directors and management made a great choice in selecting NPPD as the District’s power supplier.  Norris customers have benefitted from low cost and reliable electric power since that time.   

 As the electric industry continues to evolve and with many potential opportunities and challenges coming within the electric industry, the Norris Board and management team thoroughly evaluated future power supply options.  Ultimately, it was determined that continuing the excellent business relationship between Norris and NPPD is the best option for our customers.  Norris looks forward to working together with NPPD in providing low cost, reliable power and other related services to our customers for many years into the future.  No one can say for certain what the future will bring.  However, if our decision to sign a Wholesale Power Contract with NPPD is as successful as the decision made back in 1987, Norris customers will be very satisfied with the results. 

  Wholesale Power Contract Highlights

  • 20-year term effective January 1, 2016.
  • Demand and energy is provided at cost-based rates.
  • Local renewable generation, such as wind and solar opportunities, is allowed up to 10% of the District’s peak demand.
  • A performance standard requires NPPD to keep power costs low or allow Norris flexibility with future power purchases.
  • Norris is designated as one of twelve wholesale customers who serve on the Power Resource Advisory Board which provides NPPD input on generation resources.
  • Norris is designated as one of twelve wholesale customers who serve on the Rate Review Committee which provides NPPD input on revenue requirements and rate design.

 NPPD Services in addition to Low Cost, Reliable Power

  • Storm recovery and operations assistance.
  • Equipment and parts access.
  • Equipment testing and support.
  • Engineering services and electric system design.
  • Customer support for unique requests and issues.
  • Economic development and energy efficiency programs.
  • Voice in state and federal legislative issues.
  • Education and training programs.

 “We believe that Norris Public Power District has taken a significant step in assuring reliable and low cost electricity to its customers by signing the new contract with NPPD.  In doing so, Norris has also reaffirmed its commitment to the traditions and values of public power in Nebraska which are strengthened through the mutual benefits encompassed in this agreement.  We are proud to have Norris as a continuing partner with us, and look forward to many years of service together,” said Gary Thompson, Board of Director – Nebraska Public Power District.





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