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Bruce Vitosh--General Manager and CEO

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We frequently communicate the many benefits of Public Power in Nebraska. Public Power allows customers to have a voice in decisions made by the District as the Directors are District customers. Norris Directors frequently interact with customers regarding District business and welcome their opinions.

Through the normal course of business and being neighbors with other customers, District personnel are very familiar with our customers and their electric service needs. The personal touch provided by District personnel is appreciated by our customers. Through casual conversations, the District is able to gather valuable feedback, which leads to changes that benefit our customers. District personnel routinely visit customers and attend village council meetings. This winter, visits were made to area schools and a customer irrigation informational meeting was held in Saline County.

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District personnel participate in Husker Harvest Days, the Nebraska State Fair and Harvest Bonanzas at local elevators and businesses. Electric safety education is provided by our linemen who do a terrific job demonstrating the dangers of electricity through high voltage demonstrations.

District personnel are available to visit with customers at your business, civic or community organization, community event, etc. Please contact our office to schedule a time to discuss the electric industry, District operations, electric safety, energy efficiencies or any other related topic.

Weather and Energy Sales

At each monthly Norris Public Power District Board meeting, the Directors and managers review the monthly financial results. The financial statements presented at the meeting include a comparison of customer energy sales between the current and prior year. The monthly residential energy sales provide a good indicator as to whether the current winter month was colder or warmer than past months.

There is a direct correlation between residential energy sales and air temperatures. Total residential energy sales for December and January were 20% higher than the prior year. Looking back to the average temperatures over December and January, this winter was nearly seven degrees colder than last winter.

Just a couple of degrees difference in average temperatures makes a big difference in customer bills. The next time you notice a change in your energy usage, you are encouraged to look at the average temperatures to determine if the change was weather related.

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