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Norris Public Power District Urges Customers to Be Cautious about Identifying Imposter Utility Workers

 Norris Public Power District cautions customers to be aware of individuals posing as utility employees.  A recent incident that occurred in Lancaster County has been reported to Norris Public Power District and law enforcement officials.

Customers can protect themselves by:

  • Asking to see identification.  Norris Public Power District employees are required to carry identification and wear clothing identifying them as part of the company;
  • Calling 1-800-858-4707 to verify service work and employee identities if there is any doubt;
  • Looking for clearly marked service vehicles; and
  • Reporting any suspicious activity to law enforcement officials and Norris Public Power District.

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Norris Excited to Welcome Hebron as a New Wholesale Customer

Bruce Vitosh--General Manager and CEO

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Norris Public Power District is excited to welcome the community of Hebron as a new wholesale customer of the District effective June 1, 2016.  We believe that Hebron will enjoy the benefits of being a Norris wholesale customer.  Norris customers safely receive reliable electricity and related services at competitive prices due to the District’s long term wholesale power supply arrangements, financial strength and commitment of District employees. 

The District presently provides wholesale power to the communities of Wilber, Hickman, Hubbell and Belleville, Kansas.  With a wholesale power arrangement, the communities purchase power from the District and distribute the power to their citizens, while operating and maintaining their own electric distribution facilities.  The communities bill and collect payments from their citizens for the consumption of electricity.  Citizens of the Norris wholesale power communities located in Nebraska have the opportunity to vote and participate in the election of a local Director to serve on the Norris Board of Directors.

 In February 2016, Hebron submitted a request for proposals for power supply resources.  Hebron was purchasing its power and energy from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) under a wholesale power contract.  The contract was due to expire on January 1, 2022.  When Norris became aware of Hebron’s request for proposals, Norris asked for approval from NPPD to provide a proposal to Hebron, as required in Norris’ wholesale power contract with NPPD.  Both NPPD and Norris had a desire to meet Hebron’s power requirements with NPPD’s generation resources.  After considering a number of proposals, Hebron chose to accept the wholesale power proposal from Norris.  Based on NPPD’s billing methodology for certain peak demand charges, Norris is able to provide savings to Hebron that would not otherwise be attained with Hebron purchasing power directly from NPPD.

Prior to the new wholesale power arrangement, Norris was delivering power from the NPPD transmission system to Hebron’s electric distribution facilities.  This service will continue with the wholesale power agreement between Norris and Hebron.  In addition, Norris and Hebron have entered into an Emergency Operating and Maintenance Assistance Agreement.  Both organizations recognize that a more timely response to certain Hebron customer outages may be gained by having Hebron utilize Norris resources, including labor, equipment and materials when Hebron is in need of emergency operating and maintenance assistance.

 The District’s area operations center, located in downtown Hebron, is an integral part of the District’s operations.  The Hebron and Fairbury operations centers, with its fourteen employees, provide excellent customer service for the District’s customers in Thayer County and portions of Jefferson and Saline Counties.  With a District office located in downtown Hebron, it is logical that the excellent relationship between the two organizations will continue to develop and flourish.  It is comforting to know that Hebron had a number of power supply options to consider during their process of selecting a future power provider and decided to remain with Nebraska based generation resources and to work directly with a local rural public power district provider.  We appreciate the confidence that the community of Hebron has placed in Norris and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.

Public power in Nebraska is about serving local communities.  While private or investor-owned utilities measure success by the profits they send to often distant stockholders, public power utilities measure success by how much money stays in the communities that they serve.



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