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Diggers Hotline of Nebraska  1-800-331-5666

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Anyone who excavates (or otherwise disturbs the surface) must first call Digger's Hotline as required by the Nebraska One-Call Notification System Act of 1994.

Whenever you plan excavation activities within the State of Nebraska, it is necessary that you first contact Digger's Hotline of Nebraska by calling 1-800-331-5666. Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • Type of work being done.
  • City/County, Township, Range, Section & Quarter Section (if rural).
  • Street address or location (on what street, how far and in what direction from nearest cross street, on what side of street?).

Once you place the call, Digger's Hotline will then contact all utilities (gas, electric, cable tv, phone) to locate and mark their underground facilities.

Locates should be requested 48 hours (two business working days), but not more than 10 business working days in advance of digging. The locates are done free of charge.

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